Posted on 22-Sep-2019

Rescript - Hypnotherapy in Ahmedabad || Past Life Regression in India, Tarot Card Reader, Himalayan Singing Bowl Meditation

Your subconscious mind controls your actions and reactions more than you realise.

Consequently, your subconscious mind impacts your life significantly.

◇ If you could access your subconscious mind, you would be able to understand and assess underlying thought patterns, memories, and karmic imprints that in fact set the course for your day-to-day life.

◇ Hypnotherapy enables you to access your own subconscious mind, in order to resolve physiological and psychological issues safely.

◇ The journey to personal healing is incredibly satisfying, liberating, and exhilarating.

To embark on this journey of holistic wellbeing from the core, please DM me.
If you're curious about the scope of hypnotherapy, and what issues it can help with, I'll be happy to answer your questions.

• All sessions are audio recorded for future reference.
• Your privacy and confidentiality will remain uncompromised
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